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Over half (51%) of small and medium sized businesses in the UK have been targeted by crime, costing owners up to £25m – or £2,625 for every crime.* Sadly, businesses are being repeatedly targeted by criminals causing long lasting damage, emotional and financial, that doesn’t just disappear. Running a business takes every spare minute you have, and the less time you spend worrying about things like safety and security, the more you can focus on growing your business. We, at ADT, can help you to protect your business and livelihood – we provide business security solutions to deliver peace of mind to you and your staff.

*Source: Populus conducted 500 x 20 minute telephone interviews between 11 May and 5 June 2015 with owner/proprietors in SMEs with 3-49 employees. All respondents worked in the retail, wholesale or hospitality sectors and had an annual turnover of under £10m. Soft quotas were set on business sector and business size, to ensure a good spread of responses. Populus is a founder member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Further information at

Where our security systems protect you

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  • CCTV

    Every theft costs you money and jeopardises everything you’ve worked hard for. But using the latest video surveillance technology, our CCTV systems – which even feature an app that lets you watch your business remotely – help deter people targeting your retail business.

    With high quality pin-sharp images produced around the clock, criminals and tempted staff know the risk of being caught increases when they see the ADT name.

  • Access Control
    Access Control

    Even when you can’t be there to do it yourself, access control lets you manage how people move around your retail premises. This includes restricting access to individuals – and sensitive or potentially hazardous areas, such as server rooms or chemical stores – that are out of bounds.

    Our access control systems help boost your business safety and profitability by keeping threats outside, and valuable assets out of sight and beyond temptation.

  • Intruder alarm systems
    Intruder alarm systems

    No business wants to fall foul of theft or vandalism. These are costly disruptions, and the loss of earnings they can cause – not to mention the damage to your reputation and time spent doing paperwork – impact on your livelihood.

    ADT intruder alarms protect what you’ve worked so hard to build up and act as effective deterrents to burglars. They also offer the peace of mind that if activated, they’re swiftly responded to 24/7/365.

  • Fire Detection
    Fire Detection

    Fire can devastate your business by putting lives and livelihoods at risk. But our fire alarm systems and smoke detectors quickly identify the danger, and are linked to the emergency services for a speedy response if activated.

    Our systems save lives, greatly reduce the damage and disruption fire and smoke can cause to your retail premises, and help you meet your legislative responsibilities.

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ADT’s parent company Tyco has one of the most extensive fire, safety and control product portfolios designed for major companies and large organisations; from offshore to hotel chains.