Discover more ways to keep you, your home and your family safe.


With the clocks going back and more hours of darkness in a day, burglars have all the incentive they need to get to work.

But there are lots of ways to protect yourself, your family and your property. Good security is more than just guarding against losing your possessions, it’s about protecting your peace of mind too, and being vigilant is the first step.


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*Of those who had been burgled
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Value your peace of mind

If you find the darker nights unsettling, following simple steps – such as closing curtains to stop people seeing valuables – will help you feel safer in your home.


of burglaries occur in the evening or at night

It’s not what they take, it’s what they leave behind

The emotional impact of being burgled can be huge. To help avoid being targeted, secure every part of your home, including sheds and garages which are often overlooked.


of people hardly know their neighbours

Get to know your neighbours

Join forces with people on your street to look out for one another. It’s reassuring to know others are keeping an eye on your property too.


increase in fires on Bonfire Night

Inside or out, beware of fire

Bonfire Night is when the most house fires occur. Keep windows and doors shut near fires, and never set fireworks off inside.


of people have left a window or door open or unlocked when leaving the house

Lock windows and doors

It might sound obvious, but many people fail to carry out even basic safety checks before leaving the house. Make a quick check part of your new routine.


of burglaries took place in properties with ‘less than basic’ security measures

Always stay one step ahead

There’s lots of little acts that add up to even greater security. Try fitting an outside light or setting lights on timers if you don’t return home till late.


of burglars would not target homes with a monitored alarm

Never feel ignored

Even when you’re out, or away for a few days, a monitored alarm will deter intruders if they know that someone is always ready to respond.


don’t trust their neighbours enough to leave a house key with them

Trust is key

Leave a spare key with someone you trust – not necessarily your neighbour. If something should happen while you’re away, leading alarm companies will contact your keyholder or the police immediately.